You can use this site to build your own walking stick.  Viewing my stick options page will give you an idea of some of the possibilites.  For more information please feel free to contact me.

If you would like to buy a stick from us without handling it and feeling the balance and comfort I regret you will miss the joy and anticipation of owning such a reassuringly crafted travelling companion, but if you are not entirely satisfied when you receive your stick it may be returned if it has been uncut or altered in any way.

Due to the fact that everybody's anatomy and requirements vary, I tend to leave my sticks full length initially, then cut them to my customer's requirements and fit a steel tipped ferrule.  Please remember I will cut YOUR stick to the measurements YOU give me!

The length of your stick depends on it's type and what you are going to use it for.  As I stated everybody is anatomically different so this should only be used as a guide, it all comes down to comfort:

A stick used for stability while strolling or general walking should be to the height of your wrist bone while your arms are hanging by your sides, this measurement should be to the part of your stick that the palm of your hand will rest. 

A market stick is a dress working stick so it should be left about 8 inches (200mm) longer.

A thumbstick should be about 2 inches (50mm) below shoulder height.

A dress or working crook should be between 48 inches (1220mm) and 53 inches (1345mm).

I would suggest standing on a stair, step or some raised area to ascertain a comfortable length from the crown of your stick to your feet.

Please remember this is only an approximate indication and it is no problem to cut a bit more off but difficult to add a bit on. 

Now firstly you need to know what kind of stick you would like or require, if you require a specific type, the biggest part of the decision has been made.

Hand crafted walking sticks made from natural materials will inevitably have slight variations in finished form, which can be looked upon as individuality in your bespoke, uniquely crafted stick.  If I am asked to make a stick which has been picked from the gallery it may not be exactly the same but I will endeavour to work around any abnormalities in the materials.  I can also e-mail you pictures for your satisfaction before I send the stick if you so request.

 Engraved collars

Machine engraved, Plain or Beaded, Nickel silver collars which do not tarnish or oxidise. Each collar is engraved twice around circumference. The patterns chosen are all popular and easily recognised country favourites or national emblems. Please feel free to enquire about initials / inscriptions or patterns of your choice.

Stag Collar

Universally recognised majestic Red deer Stag motif.

£8.00 Fitted

Salmon Collar

Salmon motif for the fisherman, very popular on wading staffs. 

£8.00 Fitted

Pheasant Collar

Rocketing pheasant, a popular design on a variety of sportsman's sticks. 

£8.00 Fitted

 Thistle Collar

 Scotch Thistle emblem.

£8.00 Fitted

 Plain Brass Beaded Collar

£6.00 Fitted

 Plain Brass collar

£4.50 Fitted







  Buffalo horn and camel bone spacers.

Can be inserted in any order or number between handle and shank.

£0.24 each






Superior, durable steel ferrule with thick walls and base.

£1.00 Fitted

Alpine Spike

Iron, nickle plated, alpine spike for excellent grip in icy conditions.  Fit rubber ferrule for normal use.

£3.50 Fitted

Rubber Ferrule

Rubber ferrule to fit alpine spike for normal use

 £0.50  Fitted

Horn Collar

Asian water buffalo horn beaded collar

£6.00 Fitted


Small German platic compass.  Ideal embedded in hiking stick handles.

£6.00 Fitted


I also make tapered shanks, with straight parallel fluting or helical (spiral) barley sugar twist in either or both directions from ash, hickory and makore.  The taper usually runs from 1" (25mm) to 5/8" (16mm) in 36" (915mm) lengths.  See below:  first two pictures are the same stick viewed differently

Ash - barley sugar single twists in both directions


 Ash - barley sugar single twists in both directions.


 Ash  - barley sugar tripple twist in one direction.


Makore - barley sugar quadruple twist  in one direction leading from parallel flutes.


Ash- max 54"(1370 mm)  £6.95

Crab apple- max 48"(1220 mm)  £12.95 

 Chestnut- max 54" (1370mm) £6.95

 Fumed chestnut- max 54" (1370mm) £7.95

Stripped chestnut- max 54"(1370 mm) £5.95 

 Hazel- max 54"(1370 mm) £10.00

 Turned tapered ash- max 50"(1250mm) £6.75

 Turned tapered hickory- max 50"(1250mm) £6.75

 Turned tapered Indian rosewood- max 36"(915mm) £10.95

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